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Get Ready to Transform with Urbanista Image Consulting

Coverage Date: March, 2012

Clearly, in today’s times, with the increase in global trade and interactions, it has become imperative for Indians to be sensitive towards cultures, mannerisms, global etiquette and grooming to match international standards. In this fast moving world, we get a few seconds to make that first impression. And that is where Urbanista steps in.

Urbanista Image Consulting is a Delhi based consulting firm catering to individuals at both personal and corporate levels. They equip work forces and individuals to compete at a higher level with a focus on what I’d like to call, the ABC of persona: Appearance, Behavior and Communication.

Image Consulting is a very young concept in our country when compared to other nations. And for a country like ours, it’s something that every individual should avail to connect to his or her real values and perception management.

Affiliated with the Association of Image Consultants International, Urbanista aims to enable their clients, be it a student, a working professional, a homemaker, a sportsman or a politician, to represent their core values by the medium of their personalized style.

With just 6 months into the business, Urbanista has received queries by both women and men. “During a lull period, we get a minimum of 4 clients a month and a lot of queries. Interestingly, some of these clients live outside of Delhi and include our sessions when they are traveling to Delhi. We have also worked with various corporates ranging from insurance companies to movie theatre staff,” says Founder Sheena Agarwal.

For Individuals, Urbanista conducts color analysis, body length analysis, make-up and hair advice, and personal shopping and weight management. This equips their clients to project a better self-image. Besides this, training on etiquette and cross-cultural training (depending on the culture they are exposed to) is also given to them. They have customized packages for individual clients as a standard. Prospective clients also have the option of picking out their services a la carte.

For Corporates, they conduct workshops and seminars across various topics like dress for success, corporate etiquette, dining etiquette, body language, social media etiquette, grooming and many more. These are keeping in mind the brand values and business identity of the company they are consulting for.

Also, for a corporate, the revenue model depends on the batch size and the modules they are looking for. Most of their sessions are customized to fit the requirement and hence the net result.

"The market is extensive and ever growing. With the increase in knowhow of our services, people have started warming up to the concept and are increasingly getting in touch with us to avail various services, both at a corporate and an individual level," said Sheena.

"Until two years ago, very few people were in the field and a lesser number knew about what we did. Today, as a profession and a service, there is a lot of buzz around the country. Many well established trainers in the field are looking at India as a burgeoning market. Unlike what we saw previously, today, one can take up these courses in the country itself, an option that was not available earlier," she added.

The key challenge at the moment for Urbanista is to increase the understanding on what they do. "Most people confuse us for stylists. It's about breaking the myth and the opportunities exist all around. Our endeavor is to extend the concept to young adults as well as working professionals so as to help them fill out gaps," Sheena concludes.

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