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How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

Coverage Date: August, 2012

In India, most of our gorgeous women face the common hassle of dressing a bottom heavy or pear shaped body. And to make matters a tad more complicated, this season we have seen designing that only pushes one to highlight the lower half, something that is a big deterrent for a pear shape!

We all have the need to look trendy and in vogue. So here is an effort from our end to make the current trends relevant to a pear shaped body type and not just wear but flatter your body with the new look everyone is raving about!

To begin with, I love the colored denims available this year. Theory states this body type should not wear anything that highlights the lower region, hence most pear shaped women find it uncomfortable to wear these with equal flair. But how about picking colored denim in red rather than in a neon pink? Bottle green/Indigo hues instead of a bright yellow? And then dressing it up with a top with a higher interest point! Black is not the only color that is camouflaging. You can safely wear any dark hues to get the same result!

Also, make sure the top you are teaming up with your attire clinches well around your bust to attain the perfect silhouette. My personal favorite is an empire line. And if you are a fan of nude pumps, there is nothing that will make you dapper and ‘taller’. It adds length and oomph rather interestingly.

Quickly moving on to the sling bags ruling the runaways. Do not fall into the trap of picking out the dainty smaller bags. You need to pick something of a bigger size as depicted in my look book. This will be consistent with your body shape and guess what, you are just as stunning as everyone else! A word of caution: Make sure the bag does not end at the widest part of your hip but a little away from that!

Another favorite is the peplum cut. It not only camouflages your tummy region but also the thigh area by adding an interesting layer of chic above. Keep the colors somber and enjoy the look with flair!

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