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Success Stories




The Challenges

Nidhi, what were the challenges that drove you to seek consultation from Urbanista?

  • After my second child, I had almost lost interest in buying anything for myself.
  • I hide behind black a lot and hardly experiment with make-up.
  • Now, I feel dated and want to revamp my looks.

What was done for Nidhi?

Clothing and Accessories

Nidhi was unsure of the colours that would look good on her. She always hovered around the safe zone and never ventured beyond. Consultation on her body type was conducted after a session on Color Analysis. We also consulted her on the kind of jewellery, bracelets, hairdos, eyewear etc. that would look great on her. We also suggested her quick tips and tricks for better storage of her favorite accessories and garments.


After this, she was shown what her predominant face shape was and we talked to her about the haircut that would look good on her. Also, her eye brow shape needed to be changed. Her eye brow was very sparse and she needed to know how to fill in colour to make them look more appropriate. After having reached a mutual agreement, we headed to our hair stylist. A couple of hours later, with a new look, which included reshaped eyebrows and a fabulous haircut, we got ready for the next step.


She always wondered what kind of make up could she carry on herself. We showed her the various kinds of make up she could carry, given her facial features.

She loved her new look and learnt how to do a beautiful eye within seconds. We also showed her how a look could progress from day to evening, effortlessly.

Wardrobe makeover

After her initial consultation, it was time to put together a wardrobe that she could enjoy day on day. We took her for an extensive session of personal shopping, fun and a lot more. We ended up picking up clothes that would work as office wear, something she could wear in the evening with friends and trousers with a magical fit!

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