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Success Stories




The Challenges

Samyukhta, what were the challenges that drove you to seek consultation from Urbanista?

  • I have worked with a firm in India for years. Our lines of work dint require us to dress in a particular way. And today, years later, I feel 40 years old.
  • I buy clothes which just about fit and not necessarily compliment.
  • I am moving to Dubai now. My appearance will have a huge bearing on how people perceive. I want to get this one right.

What was done for Samyukhta?

Clothing and Accessories

Samyukhta was unsure of the colors she should pick for herself and the right fit for her. To begin with, we went through clothes she absolutely loved and clothes she did not know what to do with. Consultation on her body type was conducted after a session on Color Analysis. We also consulted her on the kind of jewellery, bracelets, hairdos etc. that would look great on her.


We conducted a quick analysis of the client’s hair texture. Frizzy and uncontrollable.

After this, she was shown what her predominant face shape was and we talked to her about the haircut that would look good on her. Also, her eyebrow shape needed to be reshaped. After having reached a mutual agreement, we headed to our favorite hair stylist. A couple of hours later, with a new look, which included reshaped eyebrows and a fabulous haircut, we got back to Samyukhta's place.


She kept her make up to the minimal. It was important to work out a basic make up kit for her and also tell her how far she could go with the make up on a certain evening.

We ran her through the various options she had, and took her through the whole routine. By the end of it, she was comfortable putting together a look she absolutely loved!!

We picked up lip colours that made her look so much younger and a concealer that etched a confident glowing skin.

She agreed later that the colors we showed her did make her look radiant and she was indeed very happy with the end results.

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