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I never thanked you enough for the changes you made to me. Everyone has been so appreciative. Especially my mom who by far has been my biggest critique.

Karn Gulati

The trainer was knowledgeable and conducted the session in an informative way. It was nice participating in this session and it gave me time to introspect on aspects of my image.

Ravi Kumar
Business Catalyst - Beyond Squarefeet Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Quite informative in terms of teaching basic dress-up etiquette. A teacher is a role model for the students, he/she should be able to differentiate between what to wear, when to wear and where to wear. Thanks a lot! Wish you all the best for the future endeavor.

Devender Kumar
Office Co-ordinator

Dear Sheena,

I loved the entire treatment of the image consultancy part. The best part was your explanation to the suggestions you gave which were so logical and I did not feel as if I have to follow your advices blindly. And never the less, it is always wonderful to know one-self better and that too so scientifically. Also, I could not believe the fact that the color that I thought is not my types all this while turned up to suit me the best. I was skeptical till the moment I wore it (T-shirt, collared, light blue), and the first 3 people I met in the day complimented me (That too all were girls!!!!)I could not hold it more, so for the meeting in the afternoon I went by the color analysis you did for me; wore a light pink shirt and I was happy by my looks again. I would recommend any professional to go for it; when you know you look good, 70% of your confidence is already up. Thanks a ton!

Suzoy Banerjee
Entrepreneur - Mudra Institute of Management

“Sheena, you have the passion & energy that a professional should have. I lovedddd it. God bless you!!”

Sunita Biddhu
Self employed - Digital Marketer/Trainer

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