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I reached out to Urbanista at a time when my company was looking to expand and I was increasingly vary of my communication skills or the lack of it. Small Talk, Effective Introductions, Body Language were concepts lost on me. 

My sessions with Sheena unveiled a different world to me. It helped me correct my short comings and I am very happy with my learnings. 

Mayank Gupta
- Gupta & Associates

I never thanked you enough for the changes you made to me. Everyone has been so appreciative. Especially my mom who by far has been my biggest critique.

Karn Gulati

Dear Sheena,

I loved the entire treatment of the image consultancy part. The best part was your explanation to the suggestions you gave which were so logical and I did not feel as if I have to follow your advices blindly. And never the less, it is always wonderful to know one-self better and that too so scientifically. Also, I could not believe the fact that the color that I thought is not my types all this while turned up to suit me the best. I was skeptical till the moment I wore it (T-shirt, collared, light blue), and the first 3 people I met in the day complimented me (That too all were girls!!!!)I could not hold it more, so for the meeting in the afternoon I went by the color analysis you did for me; wore a light pink shirt and I was happy by my looks again. I would recommend any professional to go for it; when you know you look good, 70% of your confidence is already up. Thanks a ton!

Suzoy Banerjee
Entrepreneur - Mudra Institute of Management

“We both had a super fun day. Conveyed the same to Sheena too. Vishal was super thrilled with the idea and experience and hasn't stopped gushing about it...A big thank you to Sheena and you too...:) Hope to do this again soon, this time for myself :)”

Sakshi Chadha
Communications - Ritu Kumar

In spite of buying clothes regularly, your wardrobe looks like a clutter and you feel that you don’t have enough clothes.

This was the inspiring line which I saw at Shopper Stop Trail Room door and my next step was to dig about ""

And I can say that I was fortunate to land on a website which had solutions to my longtime problems and much more than that!!! But I was skeptical about the authenticity of the site and services mentioned. Being a IT professional, logically I thought of contacting them using the Contact Us page. 

Yes, I got the reply and after exchanging few mails I finally decided to meet Sheena... Frankly speaking I was feeling very nervous before I met her. But after our 1st meeting about knowing each other, full night I was dreaming about Sheena :) I was thinking how come in just 1 hour she was able to know me so well. She was so friendly that I had open up myself completely to her. 

The best thing I experienced was that Sheena, never forced me to change my personality. She had given such small and logical tips which when I now think about, has improved my life to a great extent. And hats off to her when she continuously answered to my questions. 

Every morning the struggle for wearing which dress, matching colors, feeling low confident about my dress and being confused while shopping are gone now!!! 

The experience with Urbanista Image Consulting has given me a confidence to feel beautiful, has made me realize that I can also look pretty. And above all this I have got a chance to know a wonderful person who is very helpful, keen listener, a honest critic and someone who can make anyone look beautiful. Now I am enjoying the compliments and have started noticing styles and trends. 

Urbanista Image Consulting via Sheena has searched a gorgeous me for lifetime. Thanks Again!!! 

Rashmi Shrivastava
Test Lead - GlobalLogic India Pvt. Ltd.

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