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Most people pick up style and elan over the course of their lives - reading up on body language, emulating others, trying out different colours and looks to figure out what works for them and what, most certainly, doesn't.. But there are some people who're just born with all of this. And Sheena Agarwal is definitely one of them.

What is so amazing about her sense of style and beauty is that she can adapt it to any person or any situation. So if you're a tomboy (like I was) who didn't enjoy dressing like a woman or know any better than round-neck Benetton tees, she will change your life. If you're afraid of trying a new outfit because you don't know what people will say, she will top you up so you carry it off like the princess you are. And if you want honest, unbiased opinion, on what items in your wardrobe you shouldn't be caught dead in, ask her. Not only will she tell you, but also give you something much, MUCH better to go with. So much so that you don't miss your favourite baggy, shapeless jeans anymore.

Another thing to bear in mind about Sheena is that she (somehow) makes fashion affordable! It doesn't have to be Vuittons or Louboutins all the way, if you are find peace in the hand - dyed fabrics of Kalanjali, she will make that work for you.

So if you've ever had any apprehensions about the way you looked, or want to simply, and FINALLY get your groove on track - have no fear, my lady is here. After all, reading up 80 fashion magazines a month does has command an opinion! And an informed, reliable one at that.

CEO - Bag o' Brownies - London

Dear Sheena,

What is loving yourself worth? Let me guess... "Priceless!" Very true. We go on living our lives learning to accept ourselves the way we are, what we forget is or maybe fail to do is "LOVING OURSELVES" and that’s not really rocket science, this is something I learnt with Urbanista. It’s a one-time investment that gives returns through your lifetime. I rediscovered my style, my beauty and fell in love with myself all over again!"

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Niharika Shrivastava
Postgraduate Student - Birla Institute of Technology

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