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Summer Workshop 2015

Boys and Girls of Age Group 13-15 years

Communication skills – How to greet, interact with others and communicate confidence will be the basis of this extremely important module.

Body Language & Grooming –This module helps students not only learn the importance of grooming but also the important life skills needs by children to improve there interactions with people.

Dining Etiquette’s – A skill that even adults lack, see your child tackling difficult food, using chopsticks and laying a four-course meal table for you.

Basics on Personal Hygience and Fashion – Wouldn’t we love it if our child understood the need for being well presented at all times and how to achieve that seamlessly. That’s the endeavor of this module.

Color Coordination and Color Psychology – Enabling your child decide what colours works best for them. By the end of this module, you will have them know what colour works with which one. See them evolve into a more coordinated individual.

Boys and Girls of Age Group 16-18 years

Advanced Communication Skills – Time for first interviews in colleges or companies, here is a chance up your game. Communication classes hone your soft and hard communication skills to cruise your way into the first step of your adult life.

Presentation Skills – In this module we shall be tackling two skills one of that of self-presentation and the second on good presentations, that shall help you in your future endeavors.

Advanced Fashion Styling - Fashion is universal , but style personal. With ideology we give you the basics of fashion styling. Terminologies, figure analysis and camouflaging techniques are the basic fundamentals of this session.

Color Coordination and Color Psychology - Knowing different representations of color, color psychology and understanding the color wheel, shall open your fears if any towards color. You may expect to learn the art of combining colors and how to elevate or downplay a look with color!

Clustering and Wardrobe Strategies - Hold on, before you announce that you do not have anything to wear. Learn how to maximize your closet with clustering. The best way to pair maximum outfits with limited clothing.

Body Language & Grooming - Better body language and etiquette’s can be extremely helpful with you ascend your way through adult life. Know what is the right way is the key and hence the gist of this session.

Dining Etiquette’s – All business meeting in the west happens over dinner or lunch, company’s hire people based on their table etiquette’s. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lag behind. With this session you make learn the art of table layouts, different cutlery, glasses and difficult foods.

Make Up Application & Skin Care - Makeup, I’m sure is fun tool for all you girls out there, but knowing what to do with this wonderful tool is a mystery. Come decode this powerful tool, also learn the art of party makeup and camouflaging techniques.

Summer Workshop 2015

01 Jun, 2015 to 08 Jun, 2015

Venue: 845, Ghitorni, MG Road, 1st floor, Delhi-110030

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