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Getting a make-shift identity isn't a solution. It is imperative to understand all core areas of a personality before architecting a signature style. Keeping the versatility of personalities in mind, we have created a unique approach that allows our Image Architects to create a holistic brand 'YOU' by adding the right value to your personal style.


We begin by reviewing your current visual outlook. It answers questions like who you are, how much do you know yourself and how do you project yourself. Reviewing 'you' is the first step towards ensuring that you get the maximum out of our consultation.


Once we have reviewed the image that best suits you, we make you learn how to accurately project it to the world. We will show you unique ways to visually package yourself, feel confident everyday and in turn, embrace and achieve personal and professional success.


At Urbanista, we not only arm you with the right mediums of personal styling, we empower you with the means to holistically represent yourself in different walks of life with your signature panache. Sharpening the edges, refining the glitches and calibrating a strong cadence are just some of the aspects we thoroughly review, before unveiling the new 'YOU'.

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