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Looks Matter For New Age Moms

Recently, Time magazine published an article titled The Tyranny of the 'Sexy' Mom about the increasing pressure that new-age moms face in order to look "sexy". Seems like pressure is building on mommies back home too.

Coverage Date: 25 August, 2012

How to Dress a Pear Shaped Body

In India, most of our gorgeous women face the common hassle of dressing a bottom heavy or pear shaped body. And to make matters a tad more complicated, this season we have seen designing that only pushes one to highlight the lower half, something that is a big deterrent for a pear shape!

Coverage Date: August, 2012

Your Travel Look Book

Thanks to low budget airlines and limited baggage allowance, I often find people struggling to carry enough and more for the journey. Mixing and matching clothes (what we call "creating capsules") seems like a daunting task. Here is an attempt to help you put together a stunning look for every occasion that you attend during your travels.

Coverage Date: August, 2012

Interview with Sheena Agarwal, Director of 'Urbanista Image Consulting'

Sheena Agarwal, Director of Urbanista Image Consulting, offers workshops and individual coaching in appearance, behaviour, communications and presentation skills primarily to college students, executives, and women entrepreneurs. Her confidence, knowledge and passion enable her clients to develop and represent their personal brand and create a mark in whatever they do. Closely involving her clients through every part of her unique process she coaches them through issues of value and importance to them. They report major transformations in their appearance, attitude and behaviour and are amazed at the impact of their new persona.

Coverage Date: July, 2012

Image Consultant for my wedding?

How can an image consultant help you?

We have all grown up rejoicing fairy tales and the happy ending they all intend to sell. We have always known the princess as the fairest damsel of them all, in the prettiest gown woven with magic and the prince to be 'charming' and an epitome of sophistication. And we grow up looking for our very own fairy tale: living this moment of perfection on our special day.

Coverage Date: July, 2012

About Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine Review

About Lakme Absolute Plump and Shine

The color I am reviewing is my favourite Beige and Shine. It comes in a 3ml bottle which costs Rs 395.

Product Promises

This unique lip gloss contains marine collagen and high shine pigments which come together in a new revolutionary 3D gloss to keep lips plum and hydrated and last up to 6 hours.

Coverage Date: 18 May, 2012

Gain extra edge with corporate etiquette

Snigdha Sanyal (name changed) was a deserving candidate for the features writer vacancy at a business daily in Delhi. Though her skills at ideating and writing were much appreciated, she soon realised that the reason for her transfer to a back-end position involving editing and proofreading was her communication skills.

Coverage Date: 2 May, 2012

Makeup that won't melt - summer makeup tips

It is that time of the year again :-( I never especially liked summers. Part of the reason is that I live in Delhi. And unlike Bengaluru ( It was called Bangalore when I lived there in late 80s. That time it was a place you could fall completely in love with) Delhi is very hot in summers (Well not as hot as Chennai and definitely not as sultry as Kolkata or Mumbai). which makes my carefully done make-up melt.

Coverage Date: 31 March, 2012

Get Ready to Transform with Urbanista Image Consulting

Clearly, in today’s times, with the increase in global trade and interactions, it has become imperative for Indians to be sensitive towards cultures, mannerisms, global etiquette and grooming to match international standards. In this fast moving world, we get a few seconds to make that first impression. And that is where Urbanista steps in.

Coverage Date: March, 2012

Dos and don'ts of bridal makeup

A wedding is an affair that calls for celebration, coming-together of people and of course pictures that make for lifetime memories for the couple.

Coverage Date: 15 February, 2012

Wedding Make up-Dos and Don’ts

Every girl wants to look their best on their wedding day. After all, it is your big day! To feel confident and look your best, Sheena Agarwal of Urbanista Image Consulting has come up with a simple list of Dos & Don'ts of Bridal Makeup. Read through the list below and if you have any skin or makeup queries for Sheena, do mail us at and we shall have them answered for you.

Coverage Date: 6 December, 2012

Dress well, conduct yourself better at night-outs

So your friend is playing the host of the partytonight and you cannot contain your excitement. If it's a nightclub you and your gang of friendsare planning to hit then it is essential that you carry yourself with elan and etiquette. To spend the night over a few good drinks, casual talks and groovy music, follow these guidelines (read code of conduct) and make your get-together free of hassle and full of memories.

Coverage Date: 11 January, 2012

Wearing it wrong

Sometimes men don’t pay much attention to their personal styling or the way they dress up. When it comes to fashion, most men simply try to avoid looking ridiculous. Sheena Agarwaal from Urbanista Image Consulting picks out a few faux pas that are being made all too often.

Coverage Date: 17 August, 2013

An Easy-to-Follow Crash Course on Fine Dining

Manners such as no speaking with food in the mouth, or placing the napkin on your lap are things that most people are aware of. But being confused with the multiple forks, spoons and knives set on your table is a common dilemma. So, do you end up toying with food and waiting for your co-diners to start eating to save yourself the embarrassment at a fine dining event? Table manners and dinning etiquettes are important at fine dining events. But learning them may take some time and experience. Here’s a crash course to avoid feeling out of place at a formal dinner.

Coverage Date: 19 September, 2013

Your search for that perfect look ends here

With the wedding season around the corner, there’s a palpable hustle bustle in the air. Bridal shopping, anxious bridegrooms-to-be, budgets and a whole lot of planning; is it where personal shoppers come into play?

Coverage Date: 4 October, 2013

No brand is more important than Brand You

Sheena Agarwal believes your image is your calling card and there's no brand more important than Brand You. That's something many companies as well as individuals in India are quickly realising. As the cut-and-thrust of corporate work and war intensifies and the workplace gets increasingly globalised, the way corporate companies, their employees and entrepreneurs present themselves could make a world of difference.

Coverage Date: 19 November, 2013

Dress Doctors

Image consultants are showing corporate executives how to make a visible difference in their career graphs

Coverage Date: June, 2013

Interview with Sheena Agarwaal with Slice of Real Life

Image management is a pressing need of personality development for today’s working women and women entrepreneurs. Women having the right image in their respective niches feel empowered. Sheena Agarwal, Director of Urbanista Image Consulting, opines that image management is about self-confidence boost and personality development, not about wearing branded outfit or flaunting wacky hairdos. catches up with Sheena Agarwal to share her view on how image consulting helps improve women’s identity and personality with you.

Coverage Date: 5 March, 2014

An Interview with Sheena Agarwal

The biggest risk was to start an entrepreneurial venture without much know how of how it works. But let me tell you that it has been the best journey I have embarked upon. Things I have been exposed to or have learnt to handle, I couldn’t have possible done if I wasn’t doing this.

Coverage Date: 21 March, 2014

Urbanista: Customised image consulting

Urbanista Image Consulting is the image training and consulting company in India. It is committed to positively impact lives and deliver noticeable results for client – both at an individual and corporate level. An innovator in image enhancement, Urbanista helps client maintain professional and personal image through its unparalleled services that extend from working on identity creation, colour analysis to suit the purpose, wardrobe audit to create a signature look, to managing external communication by means of etiquette, body language, networking skills and a lot more.

Coverage Date: 6 March, 2014

An interview with Sheena, founder of “Urbanista Image Consulting LLP”

An Interview with Smart Indian Women about our work at Urbanista Image Consulting LLP.

Coverage Date: 18 May, 2014

Why You Should Invest in Personal Branding

We all are constantly working towards attaining our goals in life. With our skill sets and endurance in check, we endeavor to attain what we had set out for. But are we all communicating our self-worth and potential effectively? Does your message reach the observer before your words do?

Coverage Date: 9 September, 2014

What to avoid on Valentine's day

Coverage Date: 4 February, 2015

Be a Star Amongst Your Peer this Summer

Summer Workshop for children aged 13-15 years and 16-18 years on Image, Behaviour and Communication. Small batch size guaranteed. Dates: 1st June to 8th June 2015. For details, call +91 96504 18886 or email

Source: APN News
Coverage Date: 23 May, 2015

Sheena Agarwal-Founder of Urbanista Image Consultant

Source: My Edu Map
Coverage Date: 1 June, 2015

Say No to Style Worries During Monsoon

Coverage Date: 1 July, 2015

Top Personal Stylists in Your City to Luxe Up Your Wardrobe

Source: Luxpresso
Coverage Date: 2 July, 2015

How to Style Up for College Life

Coverage Date: 8 July, 2015

Follow etiquettes in Flights

Ease air travel for yourself and your co-passengers by following some basic etiquettes, says an expert. Sheena Agarwaal, director, Urbanista Image Consultancy, has shared tips to keep in mind for air travel etiquette

Coverage Date: January

7 makeup must-haves brides should add in their wedding makeup vanity

7 makeup must-haves brides should add in their wedding makeup vanity

Coverage Date: 23 September, 2015

Get your own style guru

Coverage Date: 6 February, 2016

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