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Image Enhancement

Urbanista Image Consulting LLP works with Colleges and Universities to enhance Graduates' marketability. Thousands of students graduate every year and the first thing on their minds is getting started with their professional career and bagging the dream job.

To achieve success, it is important that graduates know how to use affirmative actions and great communication to leverage their chances against the competition in the job market. We work with students and graduates to help them understand the power of image by coaching them on personal presentation, image management, interview skills and effective communication techniques.

Personal Presentation Techniques

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Importance of Image Management

We coach on the importance of looking credible and professional and taking students through guidelines.

Wardrobe De-cluttering

Wardrobe De-cluttering, which includes deviating from skewed student wardrobe to having apt business ensembles.

Techniques on classification

Techniques on classification of wardrobe to suit business, casual and social looks.

Power Dressing

Power Dressing to ensure you are taken seriously from the moment you step in the office.

Interview Skills

During an interview, the interviewer assess the candidate on the non-verbal communication just as much as the verbal. We take students through protocols, handling questions and checking body language at the time of interview and a lot more to make them interview ready!

Energizing your holistic aura

Energizing your holistic aura to not just look confident but feel so too.

Look Sharp

Look Sharp by enhancing in the areas of skin, teeth, hands and nails. Remember your smile is your most important asset.

Be heard

Be heard by modulating your vocals to sound confident, prominent and yet respectful.

Pose it Right

Pose it Right by using body language effectively to be understood at a subconscious level as well.

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