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Summer Workshop 2015

Summer break is the best time to indulge your child into training that help enhance their personalities. With disposition becoming an important part of a child’s education, we have designed a 2-week course for age groups of 13-15 yrs and 16-18 yrs.

Campus to Corporate Workshop

A program designed for students aspiring for their dream job, Campus to Corporate helps them present themselves in the best possible way in an interview.

Pitch for Sales using Body Language and Gestural Communication

For our clients in the marketing business, we have workshops that cater to enhancing dressing style, gestural communication and importance of color in various business segments

Personal Branding

Personal branding is all about 'you'. From what you communicate to how you communicate and how it affect your overall persona, our workshops gives our clients tools to break out of their current image mould and creating an authentic brand statement.

Power Dressing

The workshop emphasizes on the importance of power dressing and how it can leverage your presentations, communication and negotiation skills.

Public Speaking

This workshop includes power of personal appearance, presentation skills, overcoming fear, structuring a speech, delivering a speech, techniques on framing a strong beginning and a thought provoking end, controlling vocal and verbal components of speech.

Women's Day Workshop

We want to enable women@work to represent themselves optimally and hence customise workshops on gender discrimination, communication gaps, grooming, social skills, Customer Relationship Management and Personal Branding

Etiquette Training

The workshop introduces learners to the concept of global etiquette. It trains them in learning business, personal and dining etiquette by conducting practical training sessions for better retention.

Camouflage Techniques

The workshop introduces various body shapes and types. It also teaches you how to create slimmer silhouette in seconds.

Customised Workshops

To cater to the specific needs of our corporate clients or groups, we also offer customized courses in lieu of your needs.

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