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For Beginners

Comprehensive, fast-paced and full of experience, the Foundation Course for aspiring Image Consultants is geared towards familiarizing them with the concept of Image Grooming and how to execute it based on custom client requirements. The course imbibes the critical components of image consulting through an elaborate hands-on experience and under the guidance of our adept Image Architects.


Some highlights of the course include:

  • Training on how to work on color theory, simple color analysis and draping techniques.
  • Training on color systems and training on selection of the most suitable color pallet .
  • Systems and methods to teach body analysis.
  • Solutions for figure and physique challenges as well as techniques to teach about apparel fitting and alteration.
  • Instruction and practice on wardrobe strategies and wardrobe analysis.
  • Opportunities to practice on real clients or class participants.
  • In-store shopping and fitting training.
  • Instruction on image terms, communication, critiquing and consulting skills.

Reference materials, customized questionnaires and workbooks for styling, profiling and other techniques learned during the course.

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