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Image Consultant for my wedding?

Coverage Date: July, 2012
How can an image consultant help you?

We have all grown up rejoicing fairy tales and the happy ending they all intend to sell. We have always known the princess as the fairest damsel of them all, in the prettiest gown woven with magic and the prince to be 'charming' and an epitome of sophistication. And we grow up looking for our very own fairy tale: living this moment of perfection on our special day.

Not just the glamour around us, we also want to be the centre of attention, look our very best, be the object of envy. But outside this world is subtle reality. Time and budget constraints, little or no access to information and contacts, cultural limitations and many more.

Amidst all these, the couple often is unable to transform the magical characters in totality. And this is where an Image Consultant helps weave the magic!

For your wedding, you and your family take extra care to customize pretty much every element that is a part of the wedding. You look for a venue, hire a decorator to transform it into something you would like, you put together the food menu based on what you deem fit. But as far as your appearance is concerned, it gets constrained by what the designers are making this season and of course, affordability.

The bride's make up is almost never planned well and at times ends up being a disaster. Wouldn't it be worth your while to hire a professional who takes you through the whole process and designs, keeping your limitations in mind, a look for the couple to be remembered for days to come.

We as Image Consultants cater to every aspect of designing the perfect look for your special day. Couple grooming includes assessing your colours, analyzing the optimum colours that enable picking the right garment for the couple, managing the intensity of the look and how the couple should be dressed.

The cuts and the fit of the garment is another important segment of the process. What suits/outfits suit the groom the best, what lehenga should the bride adorn, is her makeup suitable for the day, what jewelry should she pick and what patterns will make them look the very best. Post analysis, we help the couple pick out the very best for them. It's also worth mentioning that the analysis conducted at this stage is not restricted to that one special day.

The learning is something that is to stay with you for years to come and help you put together a signature style, which will stay with you for a very long time!

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