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Makeup that won't melt - summer makeup tips

Coverage Date: 31 March, 2012

It is that time of the year again :-(

I never especially liked summers. Part of the reason is that I live in Delhi. And unlike Bengaluru ( It was called Bangalore when I lived there in late 80s. That time it was a place you could fall completely in love with) Delhi is very hot in summers (Well not as hot as Chennai and definitely not as sultry as Kolkata or Mumbai). which makes my carefully done make-up melt.

So this year I thought of taking control of things and chatted up with Sheena Agarwal. For those of you who do not know Sheena, she is Director at Urbanista Consulting. Sheena is a vivacious lady and she had some handy summer makeup tips for me.

Summer Makeup Tips – Makeup that Won't Melt

"In summers less is more" says Sheena. During summer months one should avoid foundation and concealer. When it comes to "makeup that melts" foundation and concealer are the main culprits. And no one likes makeup gone bad due to heat anyways.

Replacement for Foundation & Concealer

Summer makeup regimen is best when it is minimal. So begin by moisturizing your face and then apply a thin layer of face primer. Do take care to choose one which goes with your skin type. If you can manage with light coverage use as less concealer as you can get away with and then set with a light dab of powder. Tinted moisturizer can be used in case you need heavier coverage. Conceal after using tinted moisturizer.

Fight Heat With Waterproof Liners

Summer heat is the enemy of makeup especially eye-wear. Sheena advises against using eye crayons as they turn smudgy and your beautiful eyes will not look so beautiful anymore :-( . Waterproof pencils and liners last all day. This means less frequent trips to ladies room. You you must step out in the sun a lot like the relationship manager from my bank has to (the poor girl has to meet clients despite the weather). set your eye liner with powder eye shadow of similar color. This will increase "hold" of the eye liner.

What About the Lashes?

"Face and eyes as done, but what about my eye lashes?" I ask Sheena. "Use waterproof mascara on days when you have to be in tip-top condition for that after work get-together!" she replies. Sheena however cautions against using waterproof mascara daily as they can make your lashes dry and brittle. She advises swiping on clear mascara if you want to hold curl to your lashes.

Blush My Cheeks!

For a lasting glow on your cheeks use cheek satin. Apply cheek satin on moisturized skin or it will stick to dry parts of your face. We don't want to look like we are auditioning for a horror movie do we? :)

Bonus Makeup Tip From Sheena

This one is from Sheena to my relationship manager. If you have to be out in the sun (because the boss is a devil or you just like shopping) all day long and want a zero effort look then junk all your makeup. Apply lots of sunscreen, put on cool shades and look beautiful.

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