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Your Travel Look Book

Coverage Date: August, 2012

# 1 Rule: Keep it simple!

We recommend clean cuts over complicated structure when traveling. This gives you the leeway to combine clothes interestingly with other garments.

A red dress is not only evening-wear but can be paired during the day with a black blazer if you are heading to a formal event or a white cardigan for a casual day out. Using these three garments, you can optimize your look for four occasions effortlessly.

With the blue dress, not only is it an easy day-wear all by itself, it can be glammed up with accessories for the evening or put together with a blue, cream or black blazer for different occasions.

For this 7-day journey, we packed only two pairs of footwear. Use them with any of your garments to tone down or glam up!

Having a high style quotient every single day is not so much about spending more but about knowing how to co-create various looks for yourself.

Bon Voyage!

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