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Campus to Corporate Workshop

Making the transition from a relaxed, mostly informal college atmosphere, to a more serious and professional corporate world, can be difficult. Even the best performers face an uphill challenge when it comes to making that switch, both mentally and behaviourally. The reason is simple – they’re unable to change certain fundamental perspectives and habits and adapt quickly to the new environs. Aspects like a person’s dressing sense, his/ her style of communication and the very attitude to life are suddenly under the spotlight. And that can be unnerving to the very best! That’s why this Campus-to-Corporate program seeks to help students and freshers alike make this transition as smoothly as possible. The result is a confident and attuned team that is ready to thrive in a professional yet challenging landscape with ease and confidence.

Campus to Corporate aims to ease young graduate transition from college to professional life. The programme has been designed to take the best and help them to be even better, enabling them bag better opportunities for themselves. 
One of its kind workshop for Graduates, Freshers and candidates looking for a dream Job. Participants from any field or profession can enroll. 

Workshop Content:

-Interview Skills
-Body language
-Introducing yourself / Elevator pitch
-An overview to communication in business
-Effective written communication
-Social situations in business
-Corporate business etiquette
-Business relationships
-Global conference calls / virtual teams
-Corporate attire

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